Dreaming of a new truck
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Truck Fundraiser spring 2021

Update June 8th — with the help of a loan, we got a new truck — a Ram 2500 long-bed! We raised about $30,000 so far, of the $49,870 final cost (incl. tax) and are deeply grateful to everyone who has helped. Please support us in raising the final $19,000. We adore this new team […]

Environmental Stewardship

Fire Ecology and Forestry

We are part of the West Coast ‘good fire’ movement that is seeking to unite communities through understanding and working with fire, for the restoration and greater well-being of land, wildlife and people. Our recognition of certain historical factors (see below for more detail) is what guides our work on the land now. A further […]

Environmental Stewardship

Solar power at PPI

Since 2016, there are panels stretching out along most of the south of east-facing roof of one large building, and for many months these panels generate enough power to run everything, plus earn enough credits with PG&E to carry us through the darker winter months. We feel very fortunate that conditions came together to make […]