Happy Losar 2018, Earth-dog Year!

Happy Losar to everyone! May this new year bring renewed energy and enthusiasm; may compassion and positivity grow; and may auspicious tidings and prosperity flow unhindered. – With love from Jigme Tromge Rinpoche & the sangha of PPI/ Chagdud Gonpa Ati Ling


Long-life Practices for Chagdud Khadro

Ati Ling will gather for a day of practice, from morning until evening on February 6th, in support of the long-life of Chagdud Khadro. All are welcome to join as we practice in solidarity with the culmination of the longevity ceremonies at Khadro Ling, Brazil. We will be doing the Shower of Blessings sadhana followed by the confession […]

Building Community

High-speed Internet At PPI

During COVID, we have really appreciated being able to rely on high-speed internet. Our Airbnb guests were amazed to find multi-user streaming capability here! In 2018, PPI set up high-speed internet via radio link to our local ISP (internet service provider), a massive increase over old speeds. We are extremely grateful to all who helped […]


Happy Holidays 2018

May the year of 2018 be free from obstacles and full of auspiciousness for you and your loved ones! Whenever we see suffering manifesting it is always good to practice rejoicing and strengthen the positive. May all the beauty of the natural world and the goodness and prosperity of others lift your heart and bring […]