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High-speed Internet Installation at PPI

 The isolation and beauty of the hilly coastal forest where PPI is situated has countless advantages; however, as any visitor to PPI knows, internet connectivity is not one of them. We are very pleased to announce that PPI is on the brink of installing high-speed internet via radio link to our local ISP (internet service provider). This connectivity will provide a massive increase over our current speeds and allow PPI to more efficiently update and maintain its computers and network, and offer increased connectivity to guests (including rental groups).

PPI is looking to fundraise the remaining $2000 needed to complete the installation. If you would like to help bring the world wide web to PPI please follow the link below to contribute! Please select ‘Internet Installation’ as the program designation. If you would like to contribute by check please email Any amount raised over the $2000 will be applied to the monthly connection bill. Thank you so much for helping improve this very crucial aspect of PPI’s operations.

Donate to High-speed internet at PPI!