This is an application to volunteer in a private community run on spiritual principles. For the health and safety of all current and potential community members, we would like to ask some personal questions, since you will be part of a residential group in direct daily contact with one another.

All information you give is held in the strictest confidence. Thank you for taking the time to complete this form in as much detail as possible. If you need to write more, please attach a separate piece of paper.

Please note that the minimum age for volunteers is 18 years. Padmasambhava Peace Institute is a non-smoking, drug-free facility. We regret we cannot accept volunteers with alcohol issues or who currently smoke or use any form of recreational drug or who have recently quit using.

Personal Information

Interests, Aspirations & Skills

Health and Safety

The Padmasambhava Peace Institute is not able to accommodate those coping with withdrawal, unresolved emotional issues or diagnosed psychological disorders. Please do not apply if you have recently quit smoking or using other drugs, or if you have recently begun a recovery program. As stated before, all information you give is treated as strictly confidential. If the answer to any of the questions is ʻyesʼ, please give details.

Education, Qualifications and Work Experience

Starting from the most recent and going back to high school, please list your educational and professional qualifications (Institution/Awarding Body, Course of Study/Qualifications, Date of completion), if any.

Starting from the most recent, please list your employment history (Employer, Date, Title/Responsibilities) for the last 5-10 years. Unless pertinent to this application, you can exclude any jobs held for less than 6 months.


Please list name, phone, email details and years known for FOUR references, including at least TWO employment or professional references. Personal, volunteer-related and school references can be used, and if you have a spiritual teacher, we would like to contact them if possible.