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Veterans healing trauma through mindfulness

The Veterans Path mission statement says: “Veterans Path enablesĀ returning veterans to rediscover meaning, purpose, and joy in their lives through mindfulness, meditation, and a safe community.”
The organization is looking to expand its current programming to reach more veterans all over the country, and to develop self-sustaining communities. Please contact them if you are interested in offering your support in any way.

We have been privileged to host women veterans for several retreats led by Veterans Path (formerly Honoring the Path of the Warrior) and are committed to continuing our sponsorship of their events here. In September 2017, we hosted segments of both the women’s and the men’s anchor programs, and continued to host women’s retreats until the pandemic started. We look forward to welcoming Veterans’ Path back in 2022!

Supporters — please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring room, board or travel for a future retreat at Black Mountain for a veteran — any amount helps. Please contact Veterans Path for all other offers of assistance.

Veterans — please see the Veterans Path site for more information on a range of events.

For anyone interested in mindfulness practices that have been found effective for many people, see Veterans Path resources forĀ guided meditations.


Talk posted by Veterans Path:

Veterans talk about the impacts of mindfulness and “Honoring the Path of the Warrior” (now Veterans Path) on their lives.


Talk by the Veterans Health Administration, covering mindfulness practices for trauma and mood regulation, and explaining neuroplasticity and how meditation can affect ageing processes (part 2 of 5 talks from the Greater LA VA by Christiane Wolf and Greg Serpa):

Why Mindfulness for the VA?