Building Community

Grassroots peace-making initiatives

When local activists around the world find effective ways to make peace, minimize conflict and protect human rights, it is crucial that their approaches be shared more widely, since some strategies may also transcend local issues to be universally applicable.

This post offering links to projects underway and research on conflict-resolution. The posting of a link is not necessarily an endorsement of an organization, but an invitation to explore for oneself a resource that may be helpful.


One hub for the sharing of resources is at the Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies at UC San Diego, which presents women’s peace-making initiatives in various countries.

In an attempt to bring together ideas for best practices for youth initiatives in peace-building, a group of organizations such as the United Nations and Search for Common Ground produced a document presenting some ‘Guiding Principles’.

An overview of research on civil resistance, and what factors if any are most likely to produce lasting change can be found in the paper “Why Civil Resistance Works” in the International Security journal, 2008.

One Bay Area initiative is Operation Peacemaker, based out of Richmond, whose work has been analysed and found effective in helping reduce firearms-based violence. See also the organization Advance Peace, committed to tackling urban gun violence, using strategies such as mentorship in order to contribute towards positive outcomes.