Building Community

Finding peace in nature

Everyone should have the opportunity to step away from their ordinary busy life, to find a quiet space for renewal and exploration. Whether your preference is for forest-bathing, yoga in the morning sun or power-walking, the 485 acres at PPI await your exploration. Since not everyone has time for a seven-day vision quest or hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, we aspire for our guests to enjoy some time deep in nature while they are with us. Whatever the focus of a group’s work during their event, people always comment on the peaceful and inspiring energy of the center. Far away from any highways or urban noise, on this serene land the only sounds you will hear most of the time are bird and animal calls. Driveway to PPI

There are various trails around the property that allow for quick forays into the forest or much longer hikes over rolling hills, often with stunning views. Guests can simply stroll to the ocean-facing meadows in a few minutes, or step into the organic garden in the camp center. Those who enjoy a brisk daily walk love the paved driveway that extends about a mile through the hills, with enough steep gradients in the second half to challenge any athlete.