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"Liberating education consists in acts of cognition, not transferrals of information" (Paulo Freire)

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Upcoming Events 2018

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For full details on Tibetan Buddhist events, please go to the Ati Ling website.



  • March 30th – April 1st, 2018 — T’hroma Nagmo Drupchod with Jigme Tromge Rinpoche
  • April 14th – 22nd, 2018 — Chenrezig Drupchen with Jigme Tromge Rinpoche (at Chagdud Gonpa Rigdzin Ling)
  • July 14th – 22nd, 2018 — Rigdzin Dupa Drupchen with Jigme Rinpoche.
  • September 21rd-23rd, 2018 — Lion-faced Dakini Retreat (at Yeshe Ling in Napa Valley) with Jigme Rinpoche
  • September 26th-30th, 2018 — Red Vajrasattva Retreat with Jigme Tromge Rinpoche (at Chagdud Gonpa Rigdzin Ling)
  • November 16th-18th, 2018 — Padma Dakini Drupchod with Jigme Rinpoche