Building Community

Pray with Standing Rock

PPI sangha will be sitting for one hour of silent prayer today, in support of the community in resistance at Standing Rock, North Dakota, along with thousands of people everywhere.

We want to honor the wish of the Native elders involved that people everywhere come together in silent prayer for the safety and well-being of Earth, its resources and its peoples, and – at this time especially – for the Native peoples everywhere in the United States whose existence, culture and lands have been under attack for so long. While understanding that there may be differences of opinion among local Sioux tribe members and others about the pipeline and the protest, this doesn’t detract from the power of the peaceful gathering that has emerged in response to the DAPL, and the support from so many around the world. So we pray wholeheartedly in solidarity with this movement and its highest aspirations.

May all beings everywhere find temporary and ultimate freedom and happiness.